BMAT November 2020 Updates!

If you had problems to sit your exam or had issues during your application, this information is for you!

If you couldn’t sit the BMAT at all

In some cases, students couldn’t sit their BMAT due to various reasons, such as power or connectivity issues. If this is your case, you can submit a Special Consideration form, and Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing will consider your circumstances.

Make sure you have also contacted your school to keep them updated.

If you had issues affecting your performance

There were some other cases where students had issues during their exam applications, which affected their performance. We’ve received reports from applicants, and more than 3/4 of them encountered problems for their applications, most of them related to tech and time.

Also if you faced other complications such as illness or other extenuating circumstances, you can also submit the Special Consideration form.

how to apply for Special Consideration?

If you took the test in an Application Centre, contact them ASAP! Special Consideration requests should be made in the first instance by the centre.

In other case, if you took the exam using the remote proctoring, submit the form directly.

You can find some useful information + the Special Consideration form in this link.

“A Special Consideration request must be received within five working days of the test date. Requests received after this date cannot be considered as institutions will already be making their decisions.” So, please make sure to submit the Special Consideration form by 11th November 5 pm UK time.

Remember your circumstances will be considered and don’t panic! 😉

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